Edwards Refuses to Debate

Gazette Article: Debate complaint: The silence of the Dems

"The refusals by incumbent Democrats to debate this season is a disservice to constituents and the candidates, said Craig Holman, a spokesman for the national watchdog group Public Citizen, based in Washington.'It is not appropriate,' said Holman, adding that refusing to debate is a common tactic for candidates who hold strong leads. 'Debating gets the opposing view out, and that is good for democracy. All candidates owe it to the public to debate.'
. . .
Edwards (D) declined to comment about the lack of debates but explained that the nation's economy is her priority."


Stability versus Change

Newspaper Editors Officially Endorse Incumbents for 'Stability'

In the 'Our Opinion' section of the Gazette, titled 'Prince George's choices for Congress,' the newspaper editors wrote, "In these House races, experience matters and "Washington insider" doesn't have to be a pejorative. Demanding times, at home and abroad, require stability, something these three congressional incumbents provide."

1. the state or quality of being stable.
2. firmness in position.
3. continuance without change; permanence.
4. Chemistry. resistance or the degree of resistance to chemical change or disintegration.
5. resistance to change

Statement for Television

I'm visiting two television stations in Montgomery County today to record a short statement.  Here is what I plan to say:

"I'm Thibeaux Lincecum, your Libertarian candidate for Congress in District Four.  Despite the problems of recent years, I think our country, since its creation, has done REALLY WELL.  We are one of the most PRODUCTIVE nations in the world, with HIGH spending power and a HIGH standard of living.  The primary REASON for our success is our high degree of FREEDOM.  I want to PRESERVE and EXPAND that freedom, by removing many government regulations and steadily reducing taxes.

This is a VERY INTERESTING election.  With NO incumbent, ALL the candidates can claim to represent change.  Well, they ALL would be RIGHT, in that each of them has a vision of how government should be, which is different from what we have now.  The visions of the Democratic and the Republican candidates are radically different . . . and RADICAL.

Donna Edwards is a charismatic leader that HAS the potential to achieve change, but it's change in the WRONG DIRECTION, in the direction OF SOCIALISM.   She talks often of all the government programs for which she wishes to INCREASE funding, but you won't often hear her talk about CUTTING spending on any major area.  The only ways to support increased spending are higher taxes or higher national debt.  Donna Edwards has experience in managing organizations that don't need to make a profit, charities.  Through government, she has the potential to achieve goals that were unattainable using charities, because government has the ability to FORCE EVERYONE to pay for its programs, using the threat of arrest.

The Republican candidate, Peter James, has ideals that are similar my own, but his professed goals of completely abolishing numerous major organizations within the federal government are so extreme that they are doomed to failure, within the timespan of a typical congressional tenure.  He has not exhibited the ability to come up with achievable interim goals, nor has he exhibited the communication skills, in writing or speaking, that would be needed, if he were elected, to gain the cooperation of other lawmakers and thereby effect change.

I am the only candidate that wants to move the nation in the RIGHT direction, toward freedom and fiscal responsibility, and has the ability to do it.  It takes time to steer a big ship, but we need to AT LEAST balance the budget and START paying off our debt.  This is NOT a CREATIVE plan; members of Congress, both Republican and Democratic, KNOW it has to happen, but they haven't had the COURAGE to DO IT and have instead allowed us to drift toward financial collapse.  I WILL work to lower spending, with the natural side effect of increasing freedom.

If you support these goals, please show it by voting for me, Thibeaux Lincecum, on June 17th.  To read my detailed issue positions, and comment on them, please visit my website, at the address LINCECUM DOT U S."